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The basic premise of the fellowship is to lay aside the journalist´s normally narrow focus on getting "the story," and instead to explore science more deeply and more broadly—to follow intellectual digressions, to learn the history of a field, to understand how scientists and engineers pursue their work. With background knowledge, our Fellows return to the workplace more confident about asking the right questions, and in turn are better prepared to communicate science to their readers.




Stipends & Benefits: 

Fellows receive a stipend of $65,000 divided into ten installments over the academic year. Our $65,000 stipend is awarded to all Fellows, regardless of nationality. 

Additional Benefits: 
Health Insurance: Fellows who elect to participate in the MIT Affiliate Health Insurance program may have their own coverage paid by the Knight Science Journalism Fellowships. Fellows who wish for their spouses and children to join the same plan must arrange to pay the cost for their families. 

Research Trip Stipend: Fellows may receive an allowance of $2750 for a self-designed research trip that has been pre-approved by the Director. In recent years, Fellows have used the allowance for such trips as a visit to a chimpanzee research station in Guinea-Conakry, and a visit to the Large Hadron Collider. Other Fellows have used the stipend for several small trips within the U.S. 

Conference Stipend: An allowance of $750 will be provided to Fellows who wish to attend a pre-approved science or science-writing conference, such as the Annual Meeting of the AAAS, or the NASW conference. 

Access to everything at MIT and Harvard: With few exceptions, all MIT and Harvard University courses are available for audit by Knight Fellows.




Knight Science Journalism Fellowships are for mid-career journalists who demonstrate a high level of journalistic excellence and accomplishment, as well as a long-term commitment to their craft. Journalists from all countries compete on an equal basis. To be eligible for a Knight Fellowship, applicants must meet our qualification standards and agree to a few stipulations. 

Applicants must be full-time journalists, whether they are on staff or freelance. Part-time writers or producers are not eligible. Applicants must have at least three full years of experience covering science, technology, the environment, or medicine; or at least five years of other journalism experience and a desire to cover those areas in the future. 

Journalism experience must be in the years immediately prior to applying. 

Applicants may be reporters, writers, editors, producers, illustrators or photo-journalists. They may work for newspapers, magazines, television, radio or the Web. 

There are no educational prerequisites, nor is there an age-limit. 

Professionals working in public information, public relations, the trade press, government or academia are not eligible. 

Proficiency in English is necessary for Fellows to make the most of their time at MIT. If you have taken the IELTS or TOEFL exam, we´d like to know your score. If you have not, but English is not your native language, we´d encourage you to take the IELTS exam. 

To be awarded a Fellowship, selected applicants must agree to the following requirements: 

To reside full-time in the Boston/Cambridge area for the academic year: August 15 through May 15. 
To attend all boot camps, field trips, seminars, and new media training sessions arranged by the Knight Science Journalism Fellowships. 
To participate in at least one science course per semester. 
To refrain from professional work during the Fellowship, unless written permission has been granted by the Director. 
For international candidates: To obtain a J-1 visa from the U.S. State Department after being awarded the Fellowship.




Plazo: March 1, 2013

Solicitudes: The application to the Knight Science Journalism Fellowships includes several pieces, listed below. Before applying please read A few things everyone should be aware of when they apply for our 9-month Fellowship at the bottom of this page. 

Application requirements: 
A) Online Application form. Application deadline: March 1, 2013. 

Please email your subsequent materials, listed below, to [email protected] with Knight Application in the Subject field. 

B) Professional autobiography:Tell us about your professional life. Not to exceed 750 words. 

C) Résumé or Curriculum Vitae: Be sure to include your education and work history. 

D) Fellowship year proposal: Tell us what you plan to do during a fellowship year and how that would fit in with your professional goals. Not to exceed 750 words. 

E) Freelancers: (Non-freelancers, skip this item). Provide a list of all your jobs in the last 12 months—what you did, for whom and, if your client is not widely known provide some idea of who or what it is. A few words for each job is sufficient. 

F) Samples of professional work: Please provide six samples. If your work is in a format that cannot be submitted electronically, please contact us for submission details. 

Guidelines for samples: 

Select six works that best show your interests and abilities. Please, no more than six. 

All six samples should have been published or broadcast within the last 24 months. 

If work is available online, we prefer you provide a PDF (for print), an .mp3 (for audio) or an .mp4 (for video) in addition to the URL for each work sample. 

If original work is not in English, English translations are required for at least three of the works. 

Editors/Producers/Directors should indicate their involvement in the piece. 

For series, send only the first and last pieces, with a brief outline of other items in the series. 

For books, submit one chapter. (PDF files preferred.) 

For audio/visual, submit a sample (or samples) with a total running time of up to 40 minutes. If samples are submitted on a CD or DVD, please include a written manuscript or synopsis indicating where each item (program, story or segment) begins. Please contact us first before sending CDs or DVDs. For online submissions, .mp3 or .mp4 files are preferred. Please contact us for details on how to upload your samples. 

For photography/graphics, submit published works in context or as unmounted printouts. (For electronic submissions, JPG or GIF files preferred.) 

Note, mailed submissions will not be returned. 

G) Four Letters of Recommendation: 

Three letters should be from individuals familiar with your work, commenting on your abilities and your commitment to journalism. 

Optional: One letter should come from your organization´s publisher or your immediate supervisor, supporting your application and granting a 9-month leave of absence if awarded the Fellowship. (Freelancers, and people thinking of leaving their jobs to take a fellowship need only provide the first three letters.) 

Letters may be emailed to [email protected], and should come directly from the recommender, not from a third party. Letters must reach us by March 1. 

All application materials must be received by March 1: 
Please email materials, with 9-Month Fellowship in the Subject field, to: [email protected] 

We prefer PDF files, but if you are unable to send a PDF we also accept DOC or TXT files. 

We have a dropbox for submitting large audio or video files. We prefer .mp3 for audio and .mp4 for video files. However, we do accept most other formats. Please contact [email protected] for details and dropbox URL. 

If you cannot -or prefer not- to email your application materials, we´ll happily accept mailed copies. Make sure they reach us by March 1, 2012. Please contact us first before sending CDs or DVDs. 

To send by US Mail use this address: 

Knight Science Journalism at MIT 
MIT E19-623, 77 Massachusetts Ave. 
Cambridge, MA 02139 

To send by Fed Ex, UPS or DHL use this address: 

Knight Science Journalism at MIT 
MIT E19-623, 400 Main St. 
Cambridge, MA 02142

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